Jenna Barnard

Portfolio Manager, Henderson Global Investors

What does your job entail?

My job entails lending money to different companies, countries and governments. In exchange for lending money they give me a stream of interest, and I pay that interest income out to my investors.

What gives you confidence?

Being around people who encourage you and are respectful of you gives you confidence. If people aren’t putting you down and you’re in a healthy environment you’re going to have confidence. That’s a natural state. To not have confidence means there’s something wrong in the environment you’re in. I think my confidence comes from being in a healthy environment with people I enjoy working with.

Was there a turning point in your journey?

When I was younger, I was at a school that really didn’t suit me and I wasn’t flourishing. My behaviour began to deteriorate. So, at 14, I actually made the decision to leave my friendship group and move to a different school. I think for me that was the point where I started to achieve my potential. It was a huge risk because it wasn’t just the institution I was leaving but also the people I had grown up with, but it was a risk that worked brilliantly for me and after moving to an alternative school I flourished.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

My role models are my mother and my grandmother, for work ethic and positivity. They are the two people that I looked up to as I grew up. The best advice I was ever given was from my gran, who told me not to not do something because you’re scared of it – don’t let fear hold you back. There are lots of reasons to not do something but fear isn’t one of them.

There are lots of reasons to not do something but fear isn’t one of them.
What significant object have you chosen?

The object I chose is a bike because I always enjoyed cycling to school every day and today I really enjoy cycling my son and daughter around on the back of the bike. For me, it means freedom and time to think, and I just find it exhilarating.