Noorin Virani

Senior CRM Manager, L’Oreal UK & Ireland

What does your job entail?

My job is never the same, every day is different. My role is to enable our brands to leverage their consumer data and have great conversations with our customers. It is a very technical role, because it is data in and marketing out.

What gives you confidence?

I know I come across as confident, but I don’t feel confident. I think I feel the fear and I do it anyway. Like everyone else, I have that voice in my head: ‘What are you talking about? Do you sound stupid?’ But, I think there is always more to lose when you don’t say what’s in your head, so I say it.

What is the toughest lesson you have learned?

Everyone brings their own expectations and behaviours into every meeting and conversation. You cannot control what they take away, therefore, you are sometimes misinterpreted and your intentions don’t land the way you mean them to land. It is a tough lesson when that happens, but you have to step back and adapt.

What do you love about working in the data industry?

I love how data gives you the opportunity to transform how people think, the direction a business takes and to provide customers and people with real experiences that mean a lot. Data is a toolset, nobody loves using a hammer and a drill, they love the house that comes out of it.

There is always more to lose when you don’t say what’s in your head.
What significant object have you chosen?

The object I have chosen to represent me, my beliefs, my values, is an antique Japanese mirror that I bought while I was living in Japan at a temple.
As a mirror, it reflects who we are, what we believe in and self-reflection is hugely important to anything we do in life. Secondly, it’s antique, it’s a reminder of heritage, history and culture. I don’t think we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been. Thirdly, it’s exquisite, it’s beautiful, attention to detail is important and it reminds me of the beauty of life. Of course, it’s Japanese, I lived in Japan, I speak, read and write Japanese so it’s a part of who I am.