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The female lead society

How can I start a Female Lead Society at my school?

Sign up using the form today and we’ll send you all the content and framework you need to run sessions on all kinds of subjects from dealing with social media, career advice, building confidence and finding your voice.

There will also be lots of opportunities to discuss burning issues around equality, gender stereotypes and the big hurdles out there for women.

You will have opportunities to connect with amazing women at live events and become part of a new vibrant community based on support and inspiration. We rise by lifting others!

Key Modules

What topics does the programme cover?

Students can select from sessions including

– The portrayal of women in media
– Negotiation
– Activism: Getting involved
– Building resilience

For more information on how to set up a society in your school, click here.

Excerpt from the programme

“The Female Lead Society is an exciting platform for young people to meet with the purpose of fostering curiosity, drive and courage in each other. It’s about working together to discuss the challenges young women face. It is a stance against low expectations, self-doubt, inequality and prejudice. It’s about confronting gender bias by demonstrating that you are not shaped by your biology for a pre-set role in society but can determine your personal destiny.”


83% felt more optimistic about their future career

... after completing The Female Lead programme

75% felt more confident putting themselves forward as a leader

... after completing The Female Lead programme

52% felt very confident that they will have a successful career in the future

... after completing The Female Lead programme

63% came across careers they were not previously aware of

... after completing The Female Lead programme ear.

70% built their confidence and aspirations for the future

... after completing The Female Lead programme

Additional Female Lead teaching resources are available to download here. These classroom resources are designed to be used alongside ‘The Female Lead: Women who Shape our World’ book. The activities contained will help your students to begin exploring the stories of our Female Leads in greater depth, and thinking about the larger issues to which these stories connect.

This pack is divided into three sections, each with a number of tasks. Students can use the pack either independently or in a more directed lesson – further guidance can be found in these notes. Individual tasks can also be used as stand-alone activities, although we believe that the tasks work best when used as part of a whole section.



For more information on how The Female Lead works with universities. Please contact for more information.