What we do.


Here at The Female Lead we share diverse women’s stories in order to inspire young women to find success and fulfilment in their own lives.

In 2017, The Female Lead book was launched and given free to 18,000 schools. The book features 60 interviews with women from different backgrounds and nationalities, from a variety of careers – scientists, firefighters, artists, journalists, actors, directors and chefs.

The Female Lead Society is a school’s programme that will help shape discussions around female representation and ambition. 

The programme is made of 30-45 minute sessions, focusing on a range of topics from careers, feminism, friendships, money and lots more. It’s a community of girls working towards a bright future for themselves and other women.

If you are a US school who has not yet received a copy of the book, you can request one through First Book.

You can sign up to The Female Lead Society here


From presidential palaces to parliament buildings, women are totally overshadowed by men, and account for less than 7% of the world’s leaders and only 24% of lawmakers, according to the latest statistics. And yet, for more than 30 years, women have earned more Bachelor’s degrees than men (Department of Education).

We believe that one simple way that we can change women’s futures is by introducing girls to positive and diverse role models, earlier in their lives, before key decisions about their futures are made. While we have made some encouraging first steps, we recognise the need to do more.

That is why we have launched The Female Lead Societies. The free resources will cover financial empowerment, portrayal of women in media, resilience, ambition and so much more.



Our hope is that the programme will develop greater self-belief in girls and in early testing we have already seen some positive results. We surveyed the girls who took part in our pilot project and at the end of the four-week programme, 83 per cent said they felt more optimistic about their future careers and 75 per cent felt more confident about putting themselves forward as leaders.

We demonstrate all of the ways to find success and fulfilment as a woman, in life and work. The way we explain this to girls is thus: if you imagine your life as a story, you are the lead character, you can be the person driving that narrative – not your mum or your dad, not your best friend. It is your story and you can decide where it goes.

18000 books have been donated

  • Girls from year 10 completed the programme leaving the sessions feeling encouraged, inspired and empowered, and the resources invoked discussions at a deeper level as they considered the importance of role models in today’s society.

    Maggie, Cobham Hall School